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I’m not just a copywriter; I’m your guide to making those words count. Over the years, I’ve learned that the power of a well-told story can transform businesses, and I’m here to help you harness that power.

my name is gillian barker

I’ve Always Had a Knack for Clear Communication

And that realization changed everything for me

Armed with a marketing degree and a passion for communication, I stumbled upon copywriting almost by accident.

It was love at first write. I quickly realized that crafting stories wasn’t just about selling products or services; it was about connecting on a human level.

My path into copywriting wasn’t a straight line

Collaborating with me means digging deep to find the heart of your message and translating it into copy that resonates deeply with your audience.

Whether you're a business owner who can't seem to capture the essence of your brand, a marketer on the hunt for engagement, or an aspiring copywriter eager to make your mark, my goal is to empower your voice.

But let's focus on what really matters: you

I'm on a mission to transform your words into a magnetic force that pulls readers in, turning casual browsers into loyal customers, and those customers into your most passionate cheerleaders.

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it's not about filling pages with words; it's about crafting messages that matter.

Striking a Chord With Your Audience

Organic traffic boosts by 20% with her SEO-optimized copy


Email campaigns experience tripled open rates with her expertise


Web pages gain 50% more engagement under her strategy


Clients see an 85% increase in conversion rates with Gillian's copy


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Gillian dives deep into the craft of copywriting, sharing the strategies and techniques that have propelled her—and her clients—to success. From the nuances of tone and voice to the psychology behind persuasive writing, expect actionable advice that you can apply to your own work.

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MEET Gillian

Gilian Barker is a Portland, Oregon based storyteller and copywriter.