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Unlock the true potential of your brand with storytelling that builds trust and encourages action. Explore the power of clear, authentic communication with with me. Discover how strategic storytelling can elevate your brand, engaging your audience more deeply than ever before.

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A community for aspiring and seasoned copywriters to learn, share, and grow together. Elevate your craft, network with peers, and advance your career.

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Specializes in creating custom copy that aligns with your brand voice and goals, whether for product launches, website refreshes, or lead conversion.

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Gillian dives deep into the craft of copywriting, sharing the strategies and techniques that have propelled her—and her clients—to success. From the nuances of tone and voice to the psychology behind persuasive writing, expect actionable advice that you can apply to your own work.

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Whether you're just dipping your toes into the world of copywriting or you're a seasoned writer seeking to polish your skills, "The Copywriter's Quickstart Guide" is your first step towards mastery. 

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MEET Gillian

Gilian Barker is a Portland, Oregon based storyteller and copywriter.